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Getting ready for success with the DLOSCE

The Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) is the governing body for the Dental Licensure Objective Structured Clinical Examination. The JCNDE works collaboratively with the ADA Department of Testing Services (DTS) to administer National Board Dental Examinations.

Below you will find helpful tools and resources that can assist you in preparing for your upcoming exam. For complete details on the exam, refer to the DLOSCE Candidate Guide. Frequently asked questions are covered on the DLOSCE home page.

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How the 3D sample model works 

The DLOSCE includes questions you will answer by using lifelike, three-dimensional (3D) models that can be manipulated, zoomed in and out, moved and rotated. The sample tutorial gives instructions on how to interact with DLOSCE 3D models and provides a link to a sample model so candidates can practice with the 3D model before taking the test.

Questions involving 3D models include a help section represented by a question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking on the question mark will display an overlay screen (see below), which gives instructions on how to manipulate the model.

Info graphic for DCLOSE that reads, "Accepted at Six states as full or partial fulfillment of board licensure examination requirements, Available Only during testing windows, Offered at Prometric Test Centers in the U.S. and Canada, Test Time 6 hours 45 min".

This sample model is provided for practice purposes only. 3D models appearing within the DLOSCE are different and contain more lifelike features and graphics. Candidates should be aware that for purposes of this examination all margins on 3D models have been placed supragingivally.

Please note that the sample model is not compatible with mobile devices. For best performance, the model should be accessed using a computer with Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or newer OS, and the Google Chrome Web Browser Version 56 or newer.

Practice viewing and manipulating a 3D model by clicking the link below.

View the sample model

More about DLOSCE practice questions 

DLOSCE practice questions are developed by test constructors who were involved in creating the examination. They are examples of what test candidates might see when they take the examination for licensure purposes. The questions can be downloaded and used by other stakeholders and communities who would like to learn more about the DLOSCE.

All practice questions and tools are the copyrighted property of the JCNDE. They are intended for the use of educators and students within the educational environment or for individual study and may not be reproduced in any format, whether paper or electronic, without express written permission of the JCNDE.

Download test questions (PDF)

Day-of-test checklist

This test day checklist is a useful resource as you prepare for your examination. It was created as a summary of the most frequent issues that create complications for examinees on the day of testing. The Department of Testing Services (DTS) encourages you to read the entire guidebook for the test you are taking and to call the DTS at 800.232.1694 with any questions.

  1. I am bringing two original, current (not expired) forms of identification (ID) to the testing center: one government-issued ID, with my photograph and signature (e.g., driver’s license or passport) and one ID with my signature (e.g., Social Security card, credit card, debit card or library card).
  2. The name on my application matches my IDs exactly. I will contact the DTS if there is any possibility of a mismatch. Examples of names that do NOT match: Joseph Anthony Smith and J. Anthony Smith, Joseph A. Smith, or Joseph Anthony Smith-Johnson.
  3. I will leave all non-essential items at home.
  4. I will store all personal items – cell phone, food, candy, beverages, pens, pencils, lip balm, wallets, keys, jackets, etc. – in the assigned locker at the testing center. I understand that I may not access these items during testing or an unscheduled break.
  5. I will double-check my pockets to ensure they are empty before I sign in to test.
  6. I will follow the instructions of the test administrator and the rules of the testing center.
  7. I know what to do if I encounter a problem at the testing center. If I experience a problem with testing conditions, I must notify the test administrator immediately.
  8. I have made arrangements for my ride or to notify my family or friends after I complete my test and have signed out of the test center. I will not use my cell phone or other electronic devices in the test center or during my testing session.

Download the checklist (PDF)

Volunteer as a test constructor. Lend your talents to future applicants.
Volunteer as a test constructor

Lend your talents to future applicants. The Department of Testing Services needs volunteer subject matter experts to assist with test construction. Volunteers may also earn CE credit.