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DLOSCE scoring FAQ’S

What is a passing score for the DLOSCE?

National Board Examination results are reported as either “pass” or “fail,” based on a candidate’s performance with reference to the corresponding standard established for the Examination Program. Results are reported only as “pass” for candidates who achieve passing scores. For remediation purposes, the JCNDE provides performance information to candidates who have failed the examination. For the DLOSCE, this information is provided at an overall level and for eight (8) DLOSCE areas.

Will I be penalized for guessing?

Candidate results are computed based on the responses provided by the candidate, considered against the examination form scoring key. Candidates are not penalized for guessing.

Are all questions scored?

Some questions on the examination are experimental and are not scored. The data collected on unscored questions is used to determine whether the question is appropriate for use in future test construction. Unscored questions look the same to candidates as scored questions.

When are results reported?

DLOSCE results are typically available approximately four to five weeks after the close of the administration window. The preceding means that candidates who test at the end of an administration window will receive their results approximately five weeks after the administration date, whereas those who tested earlier within a window will need to wait the aforementioned five weeks plus the amount of time that remains in the administration window, before results are received. Results can be viewed online by signing into your DENTPIN(R) account.