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Test Preparation

Candidates must confirm they have read the DLOSCE Guide (PDF) and agreed to the rules and regulations before taking the exam.

Practice Questions

DLOSCE Practice Questions are available for candidates interested in taking the examination once it becomes available. These questions were developed by test constructors who are developing the DLOSCE and are examples of what a candidate might see when they take the examination for licensure purposes. 
Download the practice questions (PDF) that are now available for use by stakeholders and communities of interest in preparing for the DLOSCE.

All practice items are the copyrighted property of the JCNDE. The practice items are intended for the use of educators and students within the educational environment or for individual study and may not be reproduced in any format, whether paper or electronic, without expressed written permission of the JCNDE.

DLOSCE 3D Model Tutorial

The DLOSCE contains questions involving lifelike, three-dimensional (3D) models that can be manipulated, zoomed in and out, moved, and rotated. This tutorial provides instructions on how to interact with DLOSCE 3D models, and provides a link to a sample model so candidates can practice interacting with a 3D model BEFORE their testing appointments.

Questions involving 3D models include a help section represented by a question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking on the question mark will display an overlay screen (see below), which presents instructions on how to manipulate the model. 

image of sample 3D model


rotate the model in any direction


change the model magnification level (zoom in and out)


move the model to any location on the screen


restore the model to its original view after manipulation has occurred



Show or hide (toggle) the maxillary view


Show or hide (toggle) the mandibular view


shows the help screen

            * Feature available only on certain 3D models.

Practice viewing and manipulating a 3D model by clicking the link below. It is recommended that candidates practice using all of the features indicated above, prior to their test session. 

Sample 3D Model

The sample model is provided for practice purposes only. 3D models appearing within the DLOSCE are different and contain more lifelike features and graphics. Please note that the sample 3D model is not compatible with mobile devices.  For optimal performance, the model should be accessed using a Windows 10 PC or Mac and the Google Chrome web browser.