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About the JCNDE

The Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) is the agency responsible for the development and administration of the National Board Dental Examinations (NBDE). This 18-member Commission includes representatives from dental schools, dental practice, state dental examining boards, dental hygiene, dental students, and the public.

The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) was developed by the Committee for an Integrated Examination (CIE), a special committee of the JCNDE.  The INBDE began administration in 2020 replacing the NBDE Part I and it will replace the Part II in 2022. The Joint Commission provided state dental boards with four years’ notice of the new examination in May 2016.

JCNDE History and Chairs

History of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
The JCNDE formed in 1980, and succeeded the Council on National Board Examinations. Previously the American Dental Association’s National Board of Dental Examiners was the standing committee established in 1928 to provide and conduct written examinations for use in state board licensure.

For additional information, please see the National Board Examinations’ technical reports. They can be found on the JCNDE website under News/Resources.

Previous chairs and vice chairs of the Joint Commission from its formation to the present are provided below. 

Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations 1979-2020

Vice Chairs
2019-20 — Dr. Cataldo Leone Dr. Kanthasamy Ragunanthan 
2018-19 — Dr. William Robinson Dr. Cataldo Leone
2017-18 — Dr. Lisa Heinrich-Null Dr. William Robinson 
2016-17 — Dr. Frank William Licari
Dr. Lisa Heinrich-Null
2015-16 — Dr. Luis J. Fujimoto  Dr. Marc E. Levitan 
2014-15 — Dr. Robert A. Hersh  Dr. M.H. Reggie VanderVeen
2013-142— Dr. Connie Drisko and Dr. LeeAnn Podruch  Dr. LeeAnn Podruch 
2012-13 — Dr. Guy Shampaine  Dr. Lorin D. Peterson 
2011-12 — Dr. Peter Trager  Dr. J. Stephen Sill 
2010-11 — Dr. Andrew Spielman  Dr. George D. Conrad 
2009-10 — Dr. Bruce D. Horn Dr. Stephen T. Radack 
2008-09 — Dr. Ron J. Seeley  Dr. Mark Christensen
2007-08 — Dr. Marsha A. Pyle  Dr. Eva Ackley
2006-07 — Dr. Darlene Sand Wall  Dr. Charles Shuler
2005-06 — Dr. Gerald W. McClellan Dr. Roger H. Boltz 
2004-05 — Dr. R. Lamont MacNeil                 
Dr. Eleanore Awadalla
2003-04 — Dr. Stephan Holcomb Dr. Victor Sandoval 
2002-03 — Dr. Allen Hindin  Dr. John M. Berwind
2001-02 — Dr. Stephen K. Young  Dr. Constantine Stamatelakys
2000-01 — Dr. Marvin B. Dvorak  Dr. Stanford L. Lefcoe 
1999-00 — Dr. W. Lynn Campbell Dr. Robert Pattalochi 
1998-99 — Dr. Kenneth L. Kalkwarf  Dr. Carol Williamson
1997-98 — Dr. Dan Ray Clagett Dr. Sanford Franklin 
1996-97 — Dr. John D. Wilbanks  Dr. James R. Cole II 
1995-96 — Dr. Donald W. Legler Dr. Martin H. Zais 
1994-95 — Dr. Reuben E. V. Miller  Dr. James H. Revere
1993-94 — Dr. Lynn Fujimoto Dr. Richard J. Chichetti
1992-93 — Dr. Michael J. Reed  Dr. Edward C. Carlson
1991-92 — Dr. Randolph D. Minatra  Dr. Richard P. Elzay 
1990-91 — Dr. Joseph W. Looper  Dr. Lillian H. Bachman
1989-90 — Dr. Lawrence I. Goldblatt  Dr. Mark J. Piacine 
1988-89 — Dr. O.R. Nutter  Dr. Robert C.  Weber 
1986-87 — Dr. Merrill W. Packer  Dr. Marvin K. Rubin
1985-86 — Dr. Leo V. Bongers  Dr. Merrill W. Packer 
1984-85 — Dr. Charles E. Wilson  Dr. Leo V. Bongers 
1983-84 — Dr. Robert Biddington Dr. Charles E. Wilson 
1982-83 — Dr. Robert Biddington  Dr. Charles E. Wilson 
1981-82 — Dr. James R. Little Dr. W. Robert Biddington 
1980-81 — Dr. James R. Little  Dr. W. Robert Biddington 
1979-801 — Dr. William F. Lovett   

1The Commission on National Dental Examinations replaced the ADA Council on National Board Examinations in October 1979 and officially became the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations in 1980. Dr. William F. Lovett was chairman during the transition.

2Dr. Drisko passed away on June 22, 2014; Dr. Podruch was subsequently appointed chair and served the remainder of the term.